EU-GDPR - verification/deletion/revocation of personal data

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GDPR: Please fill out this form if you would like to have the stored personal data of your person checked in order to arrange the deletion of your data.
Note: Should you not have made a purchase with Parkasite; have not commissioned a service; no transactions have taken place which entail a fiscal relevance; no bilateral financial transaction or other exchange of funds has taken place, no customer number has been received and if your purchase is already 10 years ago, no data is stored by you.
  Review and revocation of the storage of my personal data  
I hereby ask for the verification of my personal data stored and please delete. I withdraw the consent to the storage of my personal data.
  customer number, if known  
  I don't have a customer number  
  contact by email or phone  
  first name, name*  
  zip code and city*  
  notes, wishes and questions  


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