overfilling from down jackets

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  • each humans freeze differently or place other personal requirements on a warm jacket - in this case a down jacket
  • Women have a more sensitive cooling feeling than men - they freeze faster and more violently, particularly at the extremities
  • you have a favourite down jacket - now its old - the insulation performance does not convince no more, or it has not more enough down filling - we refill their down jacket
  • the filling of the goose down is dependent on external material - less sensitively 90/10 or very sensitively 95/05 goose down
  • we never over-fill, that the chambers can not hold the additional weight and after a half year the seams break - only so much as desired, but only as much as possible
  • When the Overfilling or filling of clothing and sleeping bags the work expended is construction dependent, therefore an accurate lodging of tenders is only possible after sifting of the clothing or the sleeping bag
  • this service is not suitable for children's clothing or fashion clothing
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