material Glossshell and colour overview

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50 g: 3-orange / 5-red / 13-rossola / 16-brillant white / 30-pepper / 31-ice blue /
36-steel blue / 38-night blue / 39-choco / 40-black / 41-quitte / 45-caramel /
30 g: F2-night blue / F3-royal / F6-red / F7-sea blue /


Laglosstex ultra shiny in Latex wet look optic
  Laglosstex - L1-black Laglosstex - L2-red  
Glossshell very shiny
3-orange shiny
38-night blue shiny
5-red shiny
40-black shiny
41-quitte shiny
36-steel blue shiny
30-pepper shiny
F7-sea blue shiny
13-rossola shiny
31-ice blue shiny
45-caramel shiny
39-choco shiny
F3-royal shiny
16-brillant white shiny
F2-night blue shiny
F6-red shiny
Glossshell silk  
3-orange silk
38-night blue silk
5-red silk
40-black silk
41-quitte silk
36-steel blue silk
30-pepper silk
F7-sea blue silk
13-rossola silk
31-ice blue silk
45-caramel silk
39-choco silk
F3-royal silk
16-brillant white silk
F2-night blue silk
F6-red silk
Glossshell: 100 % Polyamide Nylon - ca. 30 g/sqm and 50 g/sqm - wind resistant, water repellent, breathability, down proof
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